A print stands as a testament to artistic expression, revealing the photographer's creativity and vision. Prints have a profound emotional impact, evoking a wide range of feelings in viewers. With careful attention to aesthetics, they become objects of beauty suitable for display. Photographic prints are also powerful storytellers, conveying narratives and messages through a single frame. Their limited editions often enhance their collectibility and when properly preserved, these prints have the potential to endure for generations, making them timeless treasures. For collectors and enthusiasts, they can also hold personal significance, reminding individuals of meaningful moments, places, or experiences.

Paper Sizes

Regardless of border style prints are offered in small (8x10), medium (11x14), and large (16x20) inch paper sizes.

Border Options


No border at all. image size is the same as the paper size. Available in Premium Luster only.

Small White Border

Small white border on all sides of image. Image will be 2 inches shorter and narrower than paper size. Available in Premium Luster only.

Large White Border/Full-Bleed*

The Large White Border print, known as a full-bleed framed print is a print where the image is centered on a larger piece of paper. For example an 11x14 image on 16x20 paper. Large border prints come with a host of profound visual and practical benefits. Generally, this option is a boon for larger prints with grand landscapes or wide open skies that brings a layer of intensity and cinematic allure. Large border prints can be framed easily using off-the-shelf frames as they are printed on standard paper sizes regardless of the image aspect ratio. Available in Legacy Etching and Legacy Platine.

Paper Types

Legacy Platine

Heavyweight acid-free 100% cotton museum/heirloom quality paper very similar to a traditional darkroom print. Deep blacks with minimal reflectivity.

Legacy Etching

Heavyweight acid-free 100% cotton museum/heirloom quality paper with a texture similar to classic artist etching pads or watercolor paper. Slightly textured matte surface.

Premium Luster

An economical acid-free/archival semi-gloss paper.


Legacy and Platine prints are offered only in limited edition and only with Large White Border style. Small, medium and large sizes (8x10, 11x14 and 16x20) are available in editions of 80, 40, and 20 respectively. Each Edition print is printed personally by the artist, and numbered, signed and dated on the back of the print. Once the edition has been fulfilled no further prints of this size and paper combination will be offered. Up to 2 unnumbered artist proofs (AP) may be available per edition at a special price.


Premium Luster print
$39/8x10 paper, $69/11x14 paper, $79/12x18 paper
Limited Edition: Legacy Platine (Large White Border)
$129/8x10 paper, $199/11x14 paper, $299/16x20 paper
Limited Edition: Legacy Etching (Large White Border)
$129/8x10 paper, $199/11x14 paper, $299/16x20 paper


I do not have the equipment or staff to handle framing. As such I use a trusted third-party print shop in California who can handle printing, framing and shipping economically. Edition prints, which are printed by hand by myself are shipped rolled in a sturdy box can be framed using off-the-shelf frames from stores like Michaels, or sent to a custom print shop to suite your needs. As for frame styles, I think simpler frames are better. As for color, I recommend considering natural wood, stained wood, or white. Ornate frames and black frames are very strong graphical elements that can overwhelm the image. Let the image speak for itself.

Photographic prints prints real things

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