One Camera, One Lens, One Year

The idea is simple. That's the point.

Use one camera with one fixed focal length lens for a full year.

The basic outline goes like this.. Start shooting on day one, aim for 3-5 minutes a day as a minimum. Do that for a month. After the first month print one image each day at a standard size and put them somewhere you can see them for a while. Continue shooting for 12 months. Continue printing for 12 months.

Those are the basics.

I'll be using a Nikon ZF and a 35mm manual focus lens by Voigtlander. It is a setup small enough to carry daily, though not quite as small as I would like. I use a smaller lens, or something like the X100V (if I could find one to buy), but I actually like working with a manual focus lens and it feelsright for this project.

Avoiding time behind a keyboard is likely to increase my chances to complete this project. I'm in the process of setting up this website and a home printing system to allow me to upload directly from my camera, and even print those images directly and automatically from the site. Anyway, as soon as I finish the coding I'll start the project.

You can access the images from this project on the One Camera, One Lens, One Year area of this site. I will continue to add notes to some of the images, and write about the project itself as I work for the duration of the project.