ARI DENISON one camera, one lens, one year

One Camera, One Lens, One Year

The idea is simple. That's the point.

Use one camera with one fixed focal length lens for a full year.

The basic outline goes like this.. Start shooting on day one, aim for 3-5 minutes a day as a minimum. Do that for a month. After the first month print one image each day at a standard size and put them somewhere you can see them for a while. Continue shooting for 12 months. Continue printing for 12 months.

Those are the basics.

I'll be using a Nikon ZF and a 35mm manual focus lens by Voigtlander. It is a setup small enough to carry daily, though not quite as small as I would like. I use a smaller lens, or something like the X100V (if I could find one to buy), but I actually like working with a manual focus lens and it feelsright for this project.

Avoiding time behind a keyboard is likely to increase my chances to complete this project. I'm in the process of setting up this website and a home printing system to allow me to upload directly from my camera, and even print those images directly and automatically from the site. Anyway, as soon as I finish the coding I'll start the project.

You can access the images from this project on the One Camera, One Lens, One Year area of this site. I will continue to add notes to some of the images, and write about the project itself as I work for the duration of the project.

Project Description one camera one lens one year

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